Raspberry Pomegranate Couscous Salad

A sweet twist on a Mediterranean favorite couscous with a balance of an almond and pecan nutty flair, spices, and raspberry.


  • 4 cups wild or mixed greens
  • 1 package couscous
  • ½ cup sweet yellow onion diced
  • extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil
  • dash parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (or Italian seasoning)
  • salt and pepper
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped celery
  • 1/2 cup sliced almonds (not salted)
  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans
  • Shirlie Jayne's Raspberry Pomegranate Dressing


  • Sliced cucumber
  • Fresh raspberries

How to Prepare

  1.  Prepare couscous as directed on package, set aside covered.
  2. Saute’ the onion in oil with the Italian spices, salt, and pepper until lightly browned in a large saute pan.
  3. Add the celery, pecans, almonds, and celery and continue to saute’ to slightly heat.  Remove from heat.  
  4. Add couscous and chill entire mixture in refrigerator for 1 hour.
  5. Place wild greens in large bowl and mix with a generous amount of Shirlie Jayne's Raspberry Pomegranate Dressing
  6. Plate greens or keep in serving bowl.  Top with couscous mixture. 
  7. Garnish with sliced cucumber and fresh raspberries.

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